Bump Ahead! Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

You have exciting news and you are ready to reveal your pregnancy to the world. But how? There are tons of creative ways. Many of our revolution46.com customers use a custom printed shirt to take a picture of and share with friends and family to announce. It can be a "Mommy To Be" or " Daddy To Be" shirt or some people custom print and onesie to say "Arriving May 2017"

And if this is a second, third or more pregnancy a Big Brother shirt or Big Brother to be shirt or set of shirts. They can have a pecking order such as Big Brother, Bigger Brother, Biggest Brother... You get the point.

We hear so many fun and happy stories from growing families. Some are tear jerkers, like a family that were so excited to welcome their new adopted child. But I'll save that story for the next blog post.

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