Revolution 46 Frequently Asked Questions


Can I change the number or wording on a design?


Yes, you may change the number or wording in our designs to say whatever you’d like. Provided of course that your request fits (a long or short phrase could be problematic within the specific design) Our printing equipment is digital so it allows us to change the wording. Please contact us through our contact page for inquiries and we will get back to you with specific details.



Can you add a name or number to the back?


Yes we can, we do have a special upgrade for that and it is a listed upgrade option in our offered items. Please add the upgrade to the cart and then make a note in your order with the instructions. Please note that we copy paste the information to be printed so it will be exactly as you type it in.


Can you change the colors?


Yes we can change the colors of the shirt or the inks. However we do have a limitation with the actual color combinations. As a rule we can only print multiple colors on light colored shirts. This is due to the technology we use. It uses eco-friendly water based inks that are semi transparent. Thus whatever the background color (i.e. the shirt color) the inks blend with that color.  As a result red, charcoal, green and similar colors only allow us to print black ink, as other colors really just become shades of gray. Either way just contact us with your requests and we will gladly lead you through the process.


Can you print with white ink?


No, our current technology does not allow us to print with white ink.


Can you do custom orders?


Yes we can but we have some limitations. If you have ready art (please submit for review) or if you have an idea sometimes we either already have it or we can modify an existing design or we just love it so much that we are happy to add it to our line. And thus work on the art. If we have to modify, redesign or create a new design we will have a fee for that that we will quote on a case by case basis. Please use our contact page for requests.


How long does it take to get an order?


Well that depends. We print our items to order. We usually have most shirts in stock but they are blank and then we print them to your order. Typically we ship in about 5 to 10 days. Then you have the shipping transit time that can be 2 days to a week (domestically) and upwards of weeks internationally. We can expedite orders and offer upgrades to do so.  However there are many factors that can prevent us from completing an order in time, from supplier backorders to equipment repairs to the USPS delaying a delivery. Because of this we are unable to “promise” or “commit” to delivery by a specific date. In any event the fastest we can get something to you is usually about 3 to 4 days and that would be with an overnight option.


Where is my order?


We welcome any inquiries about specific orders. Please contact us with your order number (found on your invoice) to inquire on the status.


I placed an order and have not heard back?


Every order is confirmed via an automated Email with access to the order information. We typically only send that one Email confirmation. Then when we create your shipment you will receive another Email confirmation that your order shipped along with shipping information.



My tracking is not showing any information?


This happens sometimes and specially when the shipment is recently created. Typically allow 24 hours to show tracking information. Also on occasion the tracking may seem stuck in one location (sometimes on the weekend) and then suddenly show three or four tracking scans. In most cases we really do not have any additional information. We do encourage you to track your item and if you have any questions just contact us.